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First post, w00t!

Mwuaha, first post to point out some fuckery! All FMA-related.

Okay... I'll give the kid a break for being a, well... kid. first off, are those winter gloves I see? Not to mention the boots are pretty tacky. Looks like she pulled 'em outta bargain bin or something. And not to be nitpicky, but the coat's a lil on the short side. No pun intended.

There are so many things wrong with this. One, I don't believe Ed wears sneakers or... whatever they are. o_O The only thing mostly accurate it probably the coat. Yeah, we'll settle on that.

... No words can be said.

I don't want to insult anybody. Hell, my cosplay suck even, so I'm pretty much dissing myself. Maybe I'll post pics of my own for people to poke fun at. XD That's always fun.
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