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Let me give you some background.

I'm not really one to rip on other cosplays. I mean, there have been plenty of times I've THOUGHT to myself that a cosplay looks crappy, but I don't usually voice these thoughts in public.

That being said, I'm currently working on a cosplay of Lady Subaru from .hack//SIGN. In my quest to find the perfect light greeny-blue for her dress, I've only really come across one particular fabric that has the exact color I want. Unfortunately, this fabric is bridal satin.

Now, having heard people talk about satin as though it were the bubonic plague of cosplay, I decided to get some opinions on whether satin would be appropriate for Subaru or not. The opinions were roughly divided into the "Satin is Satan" camp, and the "Bridal Satin should be ok" camp.

I had all but decided to order the bridal satin, thinking "Well, Subaru is a very girly costume. Satin should be ok, right?" But a particle of doubt kept me from hitting the "order" button.

Yesterday, on a whim, I did a search on Cosplay Lab for other Subaru costumes. Lo and behold, there were several made out of satin, and ho-lee-shit.

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In a way, I owe these brave women much gratitude, for they have saved me from ridicule and shame, and have spared the eyes of any who gaze upon a photograph of my future costume.
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